So many people see professional dancers as entertainers rather than workers.

Some children look up to a professional dancer in front of them and wish to be like them.

What does it take to become a dancer and is it really worth it?


There are many dancers in the world, some for fun and some dance as a profession. If you would like to become a professional, it requires a lot of effort.

There are many ways to pursue a professional career in dance. Perhaps you see yourself negotiating the challenging life of an independent modern dance artist. Or you hope to become a dancer in a large ballet company with year-round employment. For some, the desire to choreograph surfaces early on, while for others it comes after first being established as a performer.

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Before being a professional, you should know some of the salaries the dancers can make.

In Canada:

Average salary for 4 of the top ballet schools is Canada

National Ballet: Corps de ballet $991.49, apprentice  $486 per week

Royal Winnipeg Ballet:Corps de ballet $754.36, apprentice $560 per week

Les Grands Ballets Canadiens:Corps de ballet $747, apprentice $522 per week

Alberta Ballet: Corps de ballet $711, apprentice $540.97 per week

Source: Canada – Ballet Position

In the states:

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After being a professional dancer for years, it takes a beating on your body. Many professional dancers retire and start up a new lifestyle and even new businesses.

Some people think being a professional dancer is a great way to live life, but unfortunately these dancers are human and their body won’t let them professionally dance forever.