People like to dance
People don’t know what kind of dance they should do
What types of dances are there and how can people start?

To start your days of dancing, you first need to pick the type or types of dance  you would like to try out. There are many dances you could try, but there are a few that are most popular to dancers all over the world.

  • Hip Hop
  • Tap
  • Belly Dance
  • Break Dance or B-Boying
  • Ballet
  • Salsa
  • Line dancing

Those are all types of dance that are very popular around the world.

Source: 10 Most Famous Dance Styles in the World – Wonderslist

Once you have the type of dance, and if you’re not sure – try different ones and see what fits your style the most, you need to prepare for the classes. If you picked ballet, here are a few things you may like to have on your first day of being in class.

As if my ballet teacher would let me wear anything but a leotard and tights:

Source: (14) First Ballet Class: What to Prepare

If you’re someone who just wants to dance and not worry about actually going to a class setting, there are many online sources – including this one – that will allow you to get the basics of dancing down.

However, while still staying in the realm of dancing in a super generic ‘core’ way, you can do little things to spice up the bare minimum:

  • Don’t just limply swing your arms, get your shoulders into it.
  • Take steps side to side, or back and forth.
  • Mix up your arm movements.
  • Nod your head.
  • Do little pivots or twists on one foot, or both feet.
  • Don’t just slightly rotate your torso, move it back and forth, or from one side to the other.
  • Pick up one foot ever so slightly, then the other, to kind of march in place. Don’t overdo the movement and look like a robot, just move your feet a tad.
  • Mix up the possible arm, torso, and leg variations. Find a combination that looks good and do it for a while, then switch to another one. Don’t mix things up to the point where you’re doing something new every half a second. That looks too scattered.

At this point you’re hardly going to win a dance competition, but you’re at the level of those movie extras, and 75% of the people you’ll see out at a bar. At this point you really could develop no further in your dancing ability and be able to get by on a dance floor for the rest of your life.

Source: How to Dance – For Average Guys And Girls |

So if you’re new to dancing and you want to find a studio that can teach you the main basics, or you just want to look alright while dancing in a social setting, it isn’t hard and you just need to learn a few techniques and you can be on the dance floor surprising everyone with your new-found talent.