A good dance teacher knows how to teach children how to dance, as well as know how to dance.
Finding a teacher who teaches dance well is hard to find.
What is it that makes a good dance teacher?

When looking at dance instructors, it is hard to find one that works well with the student. Overall, a teacher is someone who knows how to dance, as well as teach the student how to dance in a way they can understand. Once you find a good one, you know they will be in your mind your entire dancing career.

Overall, a dancer already has passion about the art of dance…a dance teacher guides others in a highly skilled way to grow the same passion that they have already found.

Source: What makes a good dance teacher?

A good dance teacher will put her students first. Even if they have a broken leg, they teach their students dance choreography and gain experience out of it.

There are certain characteristics that make a good dance teacher. They


As is important in many other careers, passion is a necessary quality in a superior dance instructor. Not only will love of dance make even the toughest classes enjoyable, but a teacher with continually positive energy will pass that same joy on to young students.


Another important characteristic is flexibility. Dance teachers need to be able to go with the flow, and this is something that poses a struggle for some professional dancers. You never know when a lesson is going to fall flat with students or when a class will be particularly rowdy. A great teacher will adjust on the fly and make the most of each class, even when things don’t go according to plan.


Great dance teachers are often set apart from mediocre instructors by their dedication to the job at hand. Teachers who aren’t fully committed to explaining the necessary skills and molding young dancers often let little things slide in the studio. Maybe they aren’t willing to help out at dress rehearsal or won’t commit to extra hours with a struggling student. The once-in-a-lifetime teachers are the ones who are willing and ready to go the extra mile in the name of teaching.


Patience is a necessary virtue for all types of teachers. There will more than likely be difficult days with challenging students, and an awesome teacher will overcome these obstacles without losing her cool. Patience is doubly important for instructors who will be working with young or inexperienced dancers, as these students sometimes need a little extra time to grasp concepts.


Even great dancers with natural teaching ability will benefit from training geared specifically for dance education (as opposed to performance). While there are college programs in dance education, there are also other opportunities for instructors to hone their skills, like the teacher training schools offered by Dance Masters of America or Dance Educators of America. While there may be some positions, like assistant teachers, that may not necessitate a certification, requiring your teachers to have some more advanced credentials will greatly increase the quality and safety of instruction provided by your studio.


Finally, a truly top-notch teacher is one that you can count on to handle parents and students with the utmost grace and professionalism. When you have a great teacher on your staff, you won’t worry about him or her sullying the studio’s reputation by acting inappropriately.

Source: Hiring Dance Teachers: What to Look For in a Great Teacher

By knowing what a good dance instructor is made of and what to look for in a great instructor, make sure you see their personality and their passion and skill towards dance.